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      Check out our mobile ROSS Application and Product Guide. Easily search resources, browse images, and learn about ROSS products.

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            • Industrial Mixers

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                          Mixing Resources

                          Providing the most insight and information towards our mixers and blenders, our Resources section is designed to help customers make the right choices when selecting the proper mixers in their next application.

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                                  1. Company

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                                    ROSS Mixers

                                    ROSS is the World Leader in Mixing & Blending Technology. The company has a world class reputation for innovative engineering, superb construction and fast delivery. ROSS equipment is designed and built in the USA, China and India.

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                                                                kings and queens poker club,gamesplay,dh texas poker texas holdem,Discharge System

                                                                    1. Follower Plate Discharge Systems are used to discharge viscous non-flowable materials from the vessel of a Change Can Mixer. A discharge platen, which is lowered by means of a hydraulic cylinder pushes out the contents of the vessel through a discharge valve which is normally located in the bottom of the mix vessel. The valve can also be located in the platen itself if desired.

                                                                      Discharge Systems are built in either standard floor mount or raised designs. Designs are available from 1 pint through 500 gallons capacity. Special metering systems are available to assist in the accurate filling of small containers or cartridges. Sanitary models are built with stainless steel enclosures for use in critical operating environments.

                                                                        To request a brochure for the Discharge System, please completely fill out the following form. You will then have access to download the brochure in PDF format or to request that one be mailed to you.
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                                                                        Phone Number: ext.
                                                                        Email Address:
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