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      Check out our mobile ROSS Application and Product Guide. Easily search resources, browse images, and learn about ROSS products.

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            Industrial Mixers

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              Mixing Resources

              Providing the most insight and information towards our mixers and blenders, our Resources section is designed to help customers make the right choices when selecting the proper mixers in their next application.

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            • Company

              ROSS Mixers

              ROSS is the World Leader in Mixing & Blending Technology. The company has a world class reputation for innovative engineering, superb construction and fast delivery. ROSS equipment is designed and built in the USA, China and India.

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                    1. Contact Us

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                      Contact ROSS

                      Contact information for our Corporate Headquarters, along with contact information for all of our manufacturing plants and worldwide facilities.

                      Contact Us >

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                                            How long has ROSS manufactured mixing equipment?

                                            The company started in Rochester NY in 1842.

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                                            What types of mixing equipment does the company specialize in?

                                            We manufacture specialty equipment for liquid/liquid, solid/solid, and liquid/solid applications. Included are Double Planetary Mixers, Planetary Dispersers, Vertcal Cone Screw Blenders, Tumble Blenders, Ribbon & Paddle Blenders, High Shear Rotor-Stator Mixers, High Speed Dispersers and Static Mixer designs. We do not manufacture Turbine or Propeller mixers.

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                                            Does ROSS inventory equipment for immediate R & D or production needs?

                                            Yes, we maintain a multi-million dollar inventory of mixers and blenders in laboratory and production sizes. These are available for nearly immediate shipment. We also pride ourselves on delivering specially designed equipment as promised.

                                            Some companies rent mixers, is this a possibility from ROSS?

                                            Yes, we rent in-stock mixers as well as custom mixers built for special requirements.

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                                                  1. I understand the company is owned by the ROSS family?

                                                    Yes, the ROSS family has owned the company since its inception. In 1999, the company established an ESOP for its employees. All of the company's employees now share in the ownership. We feel this was an important step forward for the future of the company. The company is financially secure and has enjoyed long term profitability.

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                                                      Where are ROSS mixers manufactured?

                                                      We own five domestic manufacturing plants located in Hauppauge NY, Deer Park NY, Savannah GA (2) and Pt St. Lucie FL. We also own manufacturing facilities for the Asian and Indian markets in mainland China and India.

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                                                          The timely servicing of my equipment is important, how does ROSS handle this aspect of the business?

                                                          We maintain a very large stock of spare parts in all of our plant sites. Most parts are shipped within 24 hours of order placement. If field service is required, a trained serviceman is sent from the plant where the equipment was built. All service work is performed by direct employees of the company.

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                                                            Who should I contact at ROSS to discuss my application?

                                                            You can either call our New York office toll free at 1-800-243-ROSS (7677), or click on the Sales Offices tab on the website for the closest regional sales contact.

                                                              I am in need of storage vessels for my expansion. Can you recommend a contact who can assist me with this requirement?

                                                              We manufacture API, UL, and ASME stamped vessels in our Savannah GA. and Deer Park NY. facilities. You can contact Lynn Fogarty in Savannah at 1-912-238-3300 or Jon Kerr in New York at 1-800-243-ROSS (7677)

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                                                              • Do you manufacture controls for your mixers?

                                                                Yes, our ROSS Systems and Controls group (SysCon) located in Savannah specializes in control systems. We can supply simple stand alone panels or automated PLC controlled systems. We normally install and test all controls on our mixers before they are shipped.

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