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      Check out our mobile ROSS Application and Product Guide. Easily search resources, browse images, and learn about ROSS products.

        1. Industrial Mixers

            1. Industries Served
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              2. Customer Support
              3. Resources
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                Mixing Resources

                Providing the most insight and information towards our mixers and blenders, our Resources section is designed to help customers make the right choices when selecting the proper mixers in their next application.

                View Resources >

              5. Company

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                      2. Contact Us
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                        Contact ROSS

                        Contact information for our Corporate Headquarters, along with contact information for all of our manufacturing plants and worldwide facilities.

                        Contact Us >

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                          1. View Cart
                          2. Buy Online

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                                    To request more information about dispersers, or to request a quote, fill out our request form.

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                                            1. ROSS High Speed Dispersers are standard workhorses used throughout the chemicals, plastics, coatings, inks, paints, adhesives and other industries. Their primary purpose is to incorporate powders into liquid and break down particle agglomerates to produce a fine dispersion.

                                              Running at tip speeds up to around 5,000 ft/min, the open disc blade of the High Speed Disperser generates vigorous flow and a characteristic vortex into which dry ingredients are added for quick wet-out. This classic mixer can handle product viscosities from water-like to up to 50,000 centipoise.

                                              ROSS High Speed Dispersers are equipped with inverter-duty TEFC or explosion proof motors up to 500HP, heavy duty V-belt drives and bearings, high-quality laser cut blades and stainless steel wetted parts. Standard models come with an air/oil hydraulic lift; tank-mounted and vacuum-rated models are also offered. classicrummy-com

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